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Entry 5

Posted on 2006.07.09 at 17:34
Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated

There are days when the temptation to shake Angel until his pointy teeth rattle becomes almost overwhelming - and this is one of them.

I don't suppose Spike's going to be too thrilled with him, either.

Damn and bloody blast.

How can anyone with so many years' experience be so unforgiveably stupid?

I'm trying to set aside my resentment at how, yet again, Buffy must take precedence over all else, but I suspect I'm not succeeding, considering how truly furious I feel with the pair of them at the moment.

And now I have the forthcoming joy of telling Spike as to our change in plans.

Would it be so much to ask that once, just once, things could follow according to plan? Apparently so.

I'm fighting the very strong desire to tell him exactly how cowardly I think he is being - and how very much his behaviour has hurt me. However, it would accomplish nothing.

I sometimes wonder why I even try.

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